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Air quality issues From NZTA and Otago University
Bus timetable chaos Karori, and Northland/Mairangi peak hour bus timetables pre and post July 15th changes
Technical reports Various reports relating to trolley buses and their infrastructure
Ottawa LRT Ottawa, Canada, changes their BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) to light rail. 
Presentation by Dr Neil Douglas Light rail in Australian cities
New trolley buses Swiss trolley bus from 2017. Runs on and off the overhead wires. Commentary in German. 
Trackless trams A possible option for Wellington instead of light rail. Perth, West Australia, is investigating their implementation.
Electric buses New battery and super capacitor electric bus options for Wellington.
Wellington trolley bus history A photographic history of the Wellington trolley buses by Alan Wickens.
Wellington trolley bus history From Wikipedia a history of the Wellington trolley buses.
Wellington trolley buses - Nostalgia Various YouTube videos. NEW
This extensive environmental report was prepared after the trolley bus removal was announced, but over a year before the destruction of the infrastructure was implemented. The GWRC ignored the environmental impact of an all diesel fleet. To read the report Click here 
Wellington's 2018 aged diesel bus fleet on east - west routes. Some buses have done over 1 million kms.  

For the inventory of the fleet as it was early 2018  Click here    Many of these buses are Euro 3, and 75% of them are older than the withdrawn trolley buses. 80 of the 162 buses listed are scheduled for replacement within the next 12 months or so, some replaced with Euro 5 double decker, some others, perhaps, with former trolley buses converted to battery power.    

Who voted to remove the non polluting trolley buses ?  Click here

The effects of the decision to remove trolley buses and replace them with old diesel buses, on the west - east corridor from Karori to Seatoun, for the next decade, are:

A modern Swiss trolley bus which runs

either on battery or overhead wires

Meanwhile in Wellington

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